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  • Spring 2020
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    • PSY - Psychology
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      • PSY 214 - Statistical Methods in Beh Sci
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        Prerequisite: PSY 101 and MATH 091 or MATH 098 with a grade of ā€œCā€ or better or appropriate placement as defined by AB705.
        Quantitative methods in behavioral sciences are considered including: scales of measurement, measures of central tendency and variability; probability and sampling distributions, visual displays of data (graphical methods), frequency tables and percentages; introduction to hypothesis testing, statistical inference and measures of association using correlation and linear regression; analysis of variance, chi-square and t-tests. Emphasis is placed on using software for data analysis such as SPSS and Excel and interpreting statistical findings from such analysis. Examples will be used from disciplines including business, social sciences, psychology, sociology, life sciences, health sciences, education and related areas. (CSU, UC)

        Status CRN Units Instructor Cap Act Rem Syllabi Textbooks
        FULL 21633 4.00 Duva, Mark 30 36 -6 View Syllabus / Download Textbooks
        Additional Information for Course 21633
        Meeting Type Meeting Dates Meeting Times Building Room Start Date End Date
        Lecture/Discussion M - W - - - 09:30 AM - 10:55 AM 200 201 Feb 18, 2020 Jun 12, 2020
        Laboratory M - W - - - 11:05 AM - 12:10 PM 2600 2609 Feb 18, 2020 Jun 12, 2020