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  • Spring 2016
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    • GEOL - Geology
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      • GEOL 130 - Climate Studies
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        This course will engage the student in learning the key concepts and scientific principles of Climate Science by analyzing interactions among and between Earth's Systems as matter and energy are continuously exchanged, and the influence from our position in the Solar System and Universe. We will examine the processes that occur in our atmosphere and hydrosphere, and how these processes create Earth's climate. We must also consider how the Earth and its inhabitants have changed through time, how humans interact with weather and climate systems, and strategies to counter negative impacts to global climate change. (CSU, UC)

        Status CRN Units Instructor Cap Act Rem Syllabi Textbooks
        OPEN 20794 3.00 Marty, Kevin 30 25 5 View Syllabus / Download Textbooks
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        Online - - - - - - ONLINE ONLINE Feb 16, 2016 Jun 10, 2016